An enduring, crunchy egg and nut recipe for Eid

Eid is synonymous with different types of sweets with tempting flavours. Aside from obor and ketupat, of course there are plenty of cakes and snacks available. One of them is crispy eggs. What do you think of a recipe for delicious, crunchy and long-lasting eggnog?

While there’s still time before the holidays, you can prepare eggs and crunchy nuts as a holiday treat. For reference, here are several recipes and methods for preparing delicious, crunchy egg nuts that you can try. Please watch until the end.

Different recipes for long lasting crispy egg nuts

Apart from onions, eggs and walnuts are often used as a treat during the holiday. With its crunchy texture and sweet and salty taste, many guests and family will surely love this snack.

Eggnut itself is identical to wheat flour so it can be made in many different flavors. If you currently want to prepare special egg nuts with different flavours, here are the recipes you should try:

1. A simple sweet egg and walnut recipe

Let’s start with a simple eggnog recipe that is sure to be easy to make. Moreover, the necessary materials are widely available in shops around the house. So that you don’t get curious, here is a recipe for preparing crispy eggs in a simple and delicious way:


material dose
pistachio 500 grams
precise 500 grams
count 2 items
Granulated sugar 200 grams
Tapioca flour 2 tablespoons
Ghee 2 tablespoons
garlic 3 cloves
frying oil enough

How to make:

  1. Wash the beans, clean them, then drain them. Roast the nuts until they are dry and cooked, then place them in a pan to cool more quickly.
  2. Mix the flour with the tapioca then set aside.
  3. Combine granulated sugar, eggs and garlic in a bowl and stir until the sugar dissolves. Then pour in the melted ghee.
  4. Add the nuts to the bowl containing the egg mixture and stir until smooth.
  5. Prepare a large baking pan or baking tray to spread the flour.
  6. Add a few tablespoons of the peanut mixture and then cover with flour until evenly distributed.
  7. If anything is stuck, unplug it. Completely covered nuts can be set aside.
  8. Repeat the process until the peanut mixture is finished.
  9. Prepare hot oil and fry the peanuts until they turn brown.
  10. Refrigerate the nuts before putting them in the jar so that the crunch lasts.
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2. Egg and curly nut recipe

Apart from the simple recipe mentioned above, you can try another type of egg nuts that is no less delicious: curly egg nuts. Although the appearance seems unique, the taste is very tempting. Below is the method and recipe for preparing eggs with curly walnuts:


material dose
pistachio 500 grams
precise 150 grams
count 2 items
Granulated sugar 150 grams
garlic 2 cloves
Garam ½ teaspoon
spices ½ teaspoon
frying oil enough

How to make:

  1. Mix eggs and sugar, then beat until light in color, then add salt and spices and stir well.
  2. Add the flour and crushed garlic, then stir again.
  3. If so, just add the nuts and stir until everything is mixed.
  4. Prepare oil and fry the peanut mixture using low heat.
  5. It is better to fry them while stirring so that they do not stick together.
  6. If it is golden brown, you can remove it and cool it before putting it in the jar.

3. Balinese egg nuts

Another recipe is Balinese egg nuts or otherwise known as disco nuts. These nuts have a delicious, tempting taste and crunchy texture so it’s hard to stop once you’ve tasted them. Here’s the recipe for egg white disco beans:


material dose
Peeled, roasted peanuts 300 grams
precise 150 grams
Tapioca flour 30 grams
Egg whites 1 item
Granulated sugar 5 tablespoons
Garam 1 teaspoon
garlic 4 cloves
frying oil enough

How to make:

  1. Combine egg whites with salt and beat with a mixer until foamy or fluffy.
  2. Add the granulated sugar and stir until smooth. Add the crushed garlic and stir well.
  3. Add the nuts, then stir until the ingredients are mixed.
  4. Gradually add the flour and tapioca flour and stir again.
  5. Prepare hot oil in a frying pan and add the peanut mixture.
  6. Fry over low heat until cooked, and once done, remove and allow to cool.
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4. Spicy Egg Beans with Orange Leaves Recipe

Crispy and delicious Balinese peanuts can also be made with a spicy taste, so it will be more delicious, especially for those who like spicy food. For those of you who really love spicy food and want to serve spicy peanuts Balinese style, here is the spicy peanut egg recipe:


material dose
Peeled peanuts 500 grams
Wheat flour is low in protein 250 grams
Hot water 1500 ml
Egg whites 1 item
Garam 1 tablespoon
garlic 5 cloves
frying oil enough

Diluted spices:

material dose
Red hot pepper 250 grams
cayenne pepper 150 grams
garlic 5 cloves
sugar 100 grams
Garam enough
Ground chicken broth 1 teaspoon
Lemon leaves 10 sheets

How to make:

  1. Soak the peanuts in hot water, then add salt and well-crushed garlic, leave for 15 minutes, then drain until completely cool.
  2. Mix all the prepared spices except the lemon leaves, then fry and add a little water. Stir until slightly dry, then add the chopped lemon leaves.
  3. Beat the egg whites and sugar until slightly fluffy, then add the fried spices and stir evenly.
  4. Add peanuts, stir, then filter.
  5. Mix the peanuts with the wheat flour until everything is covered in flour.
  6. Prepare the oil and heat it over medium heat, then put the peanut mixture in the oil. Fry until golden brown or until cooked.

5. Crispy eggs

If what is usually made crispy is chicken, tofu or mushrooms, this time there are nut eggs that can be made with a crispy and crunchy recipe. For more details, here is the recipe and method for making crispy Kentucky eggs that will make you addicted to them:

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material dose
pistachio 250 grams
precise 4 tablespoons
Tapioca flour 3 tablespoons
baking powder ½ teaspoon
count 2 items
Granulated sugar 3 tablespoons
Garam 1 teaspoon
garlic 5 cloves
frying oil enough

How to make:

  1. The nuts are washed clean and mixed with eggs, salt, sugar and ground garlic.
  2. Coat the nuts with a mixture of wheat flour, tapioca and baking powder that has been mixed well.
  3. Stir until all nuts are mixed.
  4. Heat the oil over low heat and add the peanut mixture to the oil.
  5. Fry until cooked or brown, then remove from heat and leave to cool.

With the variety of egg and bean recipes described above, you can try one of the recipes for a holiday meal. But if you want to try all the recipes, that’s okay too, so that the dessert at home will be more complete and have a lot of options. Do you want spicy nuts? Just take it!

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