Simontok Apk Old Version Without VPN Watch videos without censorship

The Internet has become one of the best entertainment destinations today by offering videos and movies. But who would have thought that there are hidden offers in it like those in the old version of Simontok APK without VPN.

We can find video entertainment easily by accessing social media applications. However, things are different with platform This is a blocked app so no one dares to view it.

However, quite a few people want to try videos that are more entertaining and buck the trend. This is what is depicted in the old version of Simontok APK without VPN, which users can learn more about here.

Watch rare videos! Simontok APK Old Version Without VPN Anti-Blocking is the favorite of many viewers, isn’t it available in any app?

People usually watch their favorite videos on or through social media apps like TIkTok or Instagram platform Official or illegal. However, the old version of Simontok 2.0 is included platform Not officially.

Even watching similar videos is not worth watching because they have an age rating for viewing. In other words, only people over the age of 18 are allowed to watch it.

Apart from that, the new version of imontok 2.0 has been around for years to accompany many people who want different entertainment. It seems that this video watching app is still superior in comparison platform Watch other videos.

Basically, this application can be viewed for free through sites that can be found via search engines. However, many people regret that because the app is blocked, they have to use a VPN.

It is believed that the old version of Simontok APK without VPN is the only step taken by the viewers. But it all depends on the user to choose the option he wants.

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This video watching app is selling very well and is a sight that many people always wait for. Searches related to museum videos are always a priority Common One of which is why this application is widely used.

Not available on other platforms! All the features offered by the old version of Simontok APK without VPN Anti-Block 2023

Likes platform Watching videos in general, of course there is nothing different in this application in terms of the way it works. Users can stream these videos easily just by using smart phone.

But what is different, of course, is in terms of content and other offers that are very attractive to the audience. Almost everyone has access platform You will be very satisfied with the benefits offered.

In this discussion, I will share with you what are the advantages of Simontok anti-ban browser. All full feature explanations will be reviewed through user experience, including:

1. Access without VPN

We’ve made it clear from the beginning that there are many things that will be felt when users access it using the app version. This feature is much better than the website version.

There are no longer problems such as blocked access that occurred when searching for the Simontok website. Users can directly use this application and search for the desired video.

Many bokeh apps or other video watching apps are almost accessible, while the website version is blocked. In fact, releasing an APK is much easier because users can open it directly via the home screen.

2. Anti-advertising

During our experience using Simontok VPN APK, not only did we have to use a special application, but users also faced the most serious problem, which is annoying ads.

These ads always appear on every page users visit on this site. Moreover, when viewers start streaming, there are many distractions like opening tabs on their own page which redirects them to other sites.

That’s why Simontok APK without VPN is highly sought after by most of the users. They want to have the experience of conveniently accessing features without the interruption of ads.

3. Many viral and rare videos are available

Although it offers video watching, the access method is not like other social media video watching apps in general. When users access this app, there will be many videos with titles and thumbnails as covers.

To watch it, users must click on the title and start watching immediately Connected. The provided videos are very free and become a very exclusive spectacle for the audience.

Not only are popular videos displayed, but there are also new videos that can be found on the home page. After that, users can open the category so they can find the latest videos in sequence.

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4. Viral video category

Not only does it provide various viral museum videos, users can conveniently find the videos they want. It’s not a search feature, but a very neatly arranged category feature.

All categories in this app follow the same version of the website which provides information about video captions. Users can find different categories like high school videos and others.

By selecting a category, videos with that category label will be automatically filtered. Please browse each page in the category you want.

5. flow Direct and steady

Users do not need to doubt this application because they already understand how to make it platform This is to get better quality. As a result, many users are always waiting every time to updateHa.

For added convenience, users can watch the live stream when opening a video title. After that, select the “Play” icon to play it directly Connected.

Not only can you stream, but viewers will be comfortable enjoying every second of the video. The reason is that the video being played will be stable and annoying things like this are rarely found Caching.

6. Watch in Full HD or Original quality

In fact, this application provides a fixed display of museum videos, but this does not mean a decrease in quality. Viewers can enjoy videos in high quality or as per the original.

In fact, the original video depends on how the video was first recorded. However, users need not worry as the mobile phone camera quality supports Full HD quality.

As a result, the videos you watch tend to be of high quality and clear but still provide stable playback. Apart from that, the user’s internet connection must also support high speed.

7. Download videos as groups

Almost all the videos provided by the developer are the latest and highest quality content. Videos like this usually already exist value It is so high that some parties label the video as a paid package.

However, users can easily save it by downloading the video via the download link. Therefore, not everyone needs to subscribe via third parties such as Telegram channels or others.

If you’re interested in the video, it’s best to download it because it will likely be deleted at some point. In this way, users can get rare videos on Android devices.

Learn about the disadvantages of museum video viewing applications! Some features of the old version of Simontok APK without VPN are not present

Right off the bat, users will be entertained and helped with the features of this app. Moreover, the screen or interface is simple with the dominant pink color.

Among these many advantages, the old version of the modified application still has major drawbacks. Not only the MOD version, but many drawbacks that have not been fixed by the party Developer.

It is better for users to know all these disadvantages before using it. Here are some features not found in the older 2019 version of Simontok 2.0, including:

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1. There are no resolution settings

In fact, the only obvious drawback of this app is when the user is live streaming. The provided videos can only be watched without any resolution settings.

Something like this is very unfortunate for some users who want to watch it smoothly. Especially when the Internet connection is unstable, high-quality videos will cause buffering.

2. Some feature cuts

In fact, the old version is one of Simontok’s APK files that can still be used today. However, there are many drawbacks if users access the old version and they are very noticeable to some people.

What’s most noticeable is the very simple interface and some removed menus. In our opinion, the latest version is best for those who want to get a lot of benefits.

However, the old version of Simontok APK without VPN will not affect the number of videos available in it. Viewers will have no shortage of viral museum video stock in this edition.

3. Not supported on latest phones

What catches the attention of users when they want to download this old version of APK is the device compatibility. If you want to download the latest version, of course there will be no problem, but this problem appears in the old version.

Android smartphones upgraded to Android 12 or above may have a slight chance of downloading the old version. However, this version is very suitable for older phones.

Light and stable arrival! Simontok APK Download Link Old Version Without VPN Anti-Block Watching Museum Videos 2023

Although users may face many shortcomings, this application is still interesting. The most important thing is that the content can be enjoyed by everyone.

Moreover, the size of the old version of Simontok APK without VPN is relatively small, and it will not affect the internal storage space. The APK download link to watch museum videos for free can be found here.

Application name Simontok APK old version without VPN
measuring 13 MB
Issuance 2.0
category Watch a video
Operating system support Android 5.0+
download here

Collect in seconds! How to install old version of Simontok APK without VPN directly on Android

Apps like this will not be officially available on the Play Store, even the Simontok APK is not on the official website. That’s why we are sharing this download link for free.

So go ahead, follow these simple steps to install third-party apps on Android devices below!

  1. Go to security settings: Go to Settings on the device and look for the “Security” or “Privacy” option. There, there is an “Unknown Sources” option. Enable this option to allow installation from sources other than the official store.
  2. Download the application: Get the APK file in this article via the “Download Link” button above.
  3. Installing the application: Once the download is complete, open the “File Manager” app on the device and find the APK file you just downloaded. Click on the file to start the installation process.
  4. Allow installation: After clicking on the APK file, the system will ask for permission to install the application. Click the “Install” button and wait for the installation process to complete.
  5. Open the application: After the installation process is complete, users can open the app directly from the home screen or app menu.
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